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The estimated 28,592 seniors across the state who failed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills and didn't graduate with their classmates represented an improvement, though. Last year, about 14 percent of seniors were denied diplomas.

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This site offers tutoring in all levels of secondary math and offers a DVD for help with TAKS Exit Level Math. This DVD is aimed at Juniors or Seniors who failed the Texas TAKS Exit level Math Test.


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"Ms Mack Teaches TAKS"

Texas Exit Level Math Test

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Our New DVD ... "Ms Mack Teaches TAKS" comes with a Test booklet with 100 TAKS Exit Level Math Test problems divided up into 10 mini-Tests (with answers!) The DVD features Ms. Mack teaching you how to do these problems and offering information on how to use the graphing calculator.

Passing the Exit Level TAKS Test is required in order to graduate from Texas High Schools.

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This product can also be a valuable resource for anyone who needs to freshen up their Algebra and Geometry skills or to help prepare for the SAT or ACT Tests.

Sample Question:

50. Which of these equations describes a relationship in which every real number x corresponds to a nonnegative real number?

A.  y = 2x

B.  y = 2x^ 2

C.  y = 2x^ 3

D.  y = -2x

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